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The Crypto Accounting Conundrum

The major problem with Crypto accounting and tax industry is that the regulation and rules are not clear. Since the environment is cloudy, most Crypto participants and accountants are winging the tax filings without understanding potential consequences.

Less Explored

With such a massive influx of cryptocurrency investors over the last few years, the accounting industry has been unable to fill the demand. There is simply not enough crypto tax experts keeping up with new regulation and laws. Therefore, the crypto community is being forced to improvise their crypto taxes, leading to major problems at year-end.


Due to cryptocurrencies' decentralized nature and tricky accounting rules, calculating an individual, let alone companies, crypto tax liability can become overwhelming very quickly. Compile this with each country's required cost basis, the potential problems can be endless.


As we slowly enter the adoption phase, the crypto sphere will continually and rapidly evolve, giving life to products and protocols that did not exist a year ago. With this comes the struggle of taxation and how to properly account for new types of income or gains.

MetaCounts Advantage

MetaCounts provides its clients with a one-stop shop for crypto accounting, ranging from audit support and back-office services to individual tax planning, we cover it all. Our personalized touch creates trust with all the benefits of an established accounting firm. We bridge the gap between value and price, offering a service that caters to the smallest crypto entrepreneur up to large conglomerates.

Deep Crypto Accounting Experience

Range of Services under One Roof

Crypto Accounting Software Associations

Backed by Industry Leaders

Real People Doing Real Calculations

Crypto Dev Network & Support

Solutions for Streamlined Business Processes

Old Fashioned Accountants For the Future

We're not a Crypto software platform that crunches your exchange transactions. We’re much more.

Technology can help streamline everyday tasks, but it cannot replace the human element. At MetaCounts, we believe in leveraging our human expertise with incredible technology. Our team deeply cares about the human goal, something technology cannot do. Our process at MetaCounts ensures each client receives the integral value that comes from a human interaction.

See how MetaCounts is making a difference, for you.

With our value-adding metrics and reliable support, understand how MetaCounts is aiding you hone your craft in the crypto sphere, here for you every step of the way.

Unlimited Support

MetaCounts provides its customers with unlimited support on your problems, so you are never left in the dark. Our excellent customer service will keep you stress free and do what is most important to you.

We are for you

We understand your worries, we’ve had them before too. MetaCounts prides itself in real support and value, making sure no customer feels left out or unsure about the path ahead.

Cutting Edge Tools

We are constantly researching and updating our methods to ensure we are always using cutting edge software for our clients. You’ll always be one step ahead of the rest. The cryptocurrency space is constantly evolving, and so are we.

Cloud Based

All your data is stored on the cloud, keeping it secure and private. We only use the most secure cloud storage software available as privacy and security is number one priority in the cryptocurrency community.

Value for Money

We pride ourself in creating value for our clients, but that doesn’t mean we will charge over the odds. Our rates always provide a valuable yet affordable experience. We feel no one should be priced out of proper accounting help.

Problem Solving

It’s important to have processes for quality control, but what about unique problems? Our team at MetaCounts never backs down from tackling a unique problem, this is how we stay on the front-line of crypto accounting. Bring it on!

Unlimited Support
Cutting Edge Tools
Value for Money
We are for you
Cloud Based
Problem Solving

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