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We offer a unique investment tracking solution that gives you peace of mind handling your investments.

Behind every great deal is the badassery of a specialized back office

Traditional modes fail when it come to Crypto deals

Crypto investments are not your typical investments that have established systems to track. They are complex and require constant monitoring that involves never seen before items such as vesting schedules, token unlocks, token generation events, liquidity events, gas fees monitoring, wallet tracking and complex accounting.

Investment back offices are the need of the hour

Gone are the days when managing wealth only required a sharp mind, a pen, and a trusty Rolodex. Nowadays, you need a comprehensive suite of tools to manage your financial affairs effectively. Without a system in place, you are bound to stagnate and fail. That's where MetaCounts comes in with a unique back office solution.

We’ve got your never ending back office requirements covered


IPO Paperwork

Due Diligence

Corporate Deadlines

Private Placements

Individual Deadlines

Complex Agreements


Cap Tables

Capital Calls

Tax Returns

Founder Projects

Multiple Logins

Exit ROI

Investment Funnels


Year End Reporting

Multiple Wallets

“MetaCounts is a veritable savior for our intricate and multifaceted family office and advisory enterprise. Their team seamlessly crafted a bespoke deal tracking system that has markedly streamlined our deal-flow processes, saving us immeasurable time and resources."

-Trevor Koverko, Blockchain Entrepreneur

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Extend your runway with our Deal Flow

MetaCounts offers a unique deal flow back office infrastructure for investments and day to day back office needs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MetaCounts back-office solution?

We specialize in providing a unique back-office solution exclusively for accredited investors. Our comprehensive suite of services includes investment tracking, reporting, document management, deal flow tracking, and accounting. Our primary objective is to simplify our clients' operations, boost their productivity, and ensure their compliance with all relevant regulations. Our solution caters to a wide range of entities and individuals who are actively or passively invested and wish to have full control over their portfolio.
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Who are accredited investors?

Accredited investors are high net worth individuals or entities that meet certain financial criteria set by regulatory bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States. These criteria are typically based on income, net worth, or professional experience, and are used to determine whether an investor has the financial sophistication and ability to bear the risks associated with certain types of investments, such as private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds. Accredited investors are granted access to these investment opportunities that are not available to non-accredited investors, who are considered to have less financial knowledge and resources.
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Is this MetaCounts back office solution for me?

If you're an accredited investor (or a non accredited investor with significant investments) and finding yourself struggling with various challenges as noted below, Metacounts back-office solution might be for you.
  • Inadequate portfolio tracking system leading to a lack of oversight.

  • Inconsistent follow-ups with investees.

  • Lack of visibility into token vesting and unlocks.

  • No system in place to monitor investment fund fees.

  • Missed calls to fund commitments.

  • Lack of liquidity due to stagnant deals.

  • Falling behind on investment and intercompany reconciliations.

  • Unclear investment funnel from entry to exit.

  • Fear of investing in new deals due to lack of control over existing ones.

  • Missing important dates and experiencing resultant losses.

  • Difficulty keeping track of multiple entities, investments, and projects.

  • Lack of control over financial affairs and unclear wealth status.

  • Challenges in calculating ROI for crypto wallets.

  • Inability to fully understand terms and rights in agreements.

  • Investment in complex Defi protocols without clarity on outcomes.

  • Managing multiple moving parts leading to difficulties.

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What type of investments do you cover?

We cover all types of investments including but not limited to private placements, SAFTs, SAFEs, joint ventures, crypto deals, private equity, hedge funds, angel deals, venture funds, public investments, founder projects, real estate, commodities, etc.
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What do I get once the back office system is set up by MetaCounts?

You get a customized back-office tracking system that covers all aspects of your portfolio. You will understand your portfolio better and will always in control. If you have an internal team, they can inherit the system we create and track your portfolio going forward. If you want us to handle your portfolio tracking, we can work with you on a monthly/annual maintenance model.
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Do you use any specific software to set this up?

To setup the customized tracking system, we utilize a combination of reputable and widely recognized software platforms. This includes various project management tools, accounting software, tax software, investment tracking software, and more. By integrating these platforms, we can create a comprehensive system that effectively tracks all aspects of your portfolio.
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Can you provide information on the pricing structure to set this up along with a timeline?

In order to provide you with a precise quote for the project, we kindly request that you fill out a brief form on our website. This allows us to gauge the scope of work required and provide you with a rough estimate. The quote we provide will generally be a fixed price based on the number and type of investments that need to be set up.

The timeline for the project may vary significantly depending on the type of investments and the speed at which information is shared with us. Therefore, we request that you share all investment agreements with us from the outset so that we can begin working on the project as soon as possible. By doing so, we can ensure that the project is completed in a timely and efficient manner, while also ensuring that all your needs and requirements are met.
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