Crypto Is Mainstream: Doors Are Open

Cryptocurrency is now officially mainstream. Millions of investors and businesses flock into the space to grab their piece of the ever-expanding pie. The opportunities in cryptocurrency are endless and the most lucrative are still yet to come. The crypto market has recently broken a $2 trillion market cap and has much more to offer. 

$2.05 trillion global crypto market cap

$118.05 billion global DeFi market cap

$91 billion daily crypto trading volume

2,329 ICO’s in 2020

Why We Started

We were inspired to start MetaCounts after seeing the growing problem of compliance confusion around Crypto. Investors and Crypto entrepreneurs instead of focusing on generating returns and making their projects thrive were trying to figure out compliances without much help from accounting community who themselves were trying to wrap their head around it. We recognized this pain was universal. As a result of that, we created Metacounts: Crypto, NFT, DeFi & Token Accounting Firm.

MetaCounts: Your Crypto Compliance Experts

MetaCounts is a Vancouver Based Crypto accounting firm utilizing cutting edge technology to provide a much needed human experience to its clients. Our expertise in other areas of accounting has allowed us to seamlessly transition into the cryptosphere, providing valued accounting to investors, large family offices, venture capitalists and companies alike. 

Our Founder, Nitin, carries Big Four Firm experience into the company. Through our network and connections in this industry, MetaCounts is now offering specialized services for the crypto community. We co-invest in this space and  are backed by some of the top crypto entrepreneurs.

Leadership Team
Nitin Ashok, CPA, CFA
Founder & CEO
Rohit Bhandula, CPA
Simple Mission, Immaculate Execution

Helping crypto community thrive by taking accounting & tax compliance off their hands.